ArteMoose Collective Showcases Summer Flavors at NURTUREart

The Artists of ArteMoose exhibited their creative work at NURTUREart, a gallery in Bushwick, from August 18th through August 26, 2016. TThe exhibit was titled, Summer Flavors, and showcased the disparate styles of Fernando CruzTimothy McGillivaryAlexander Torres, Chad DeRoche, Denisha Brown, and Gifford Moy.

How the Exhibition Came to Be

I have a friend who referred me to this gallery, since they work specifically with emerging artists,Megan Landrum, Community Support Supervisor, said at the opening reception on Wednesday, August 17th. Beginning nearly three years ago, artists and staff from Brooklyn Day Hab would visit the gallery one Wednesday per month.

We were here for a day trip and there was another exhibition occurring,Brianna Hill, Community Support Professional, recalled. She said she spoke with Molly O’Brien, NUTUREart’s Education Director, about being able to exhibit artists from program at the gallery. “It was just a matter of finding a gallery,” Brianna said. “This was the spot that made it happen.

Creative Works

The exhibition contained paintings, sculptures, illustrations, and textile materials. Simple marker on paper creations by Gifford Moy were juxtaposed with complex acrylic works by Denisha Brown and Alex Torres. Some of the pieces such as The Unity Feast were large and collaborative while others featured individual talents on a smaller scale.

I was interested in showing all of their unique practices, but because of the collaboration involved you can see shared interest in subject matter and materials,” Molly, who curated the exhibit, said. She indicated that food was a common theme in many of the works.

This was very successful,” Molly continued. “It was fun to have them here installing the art and continuing our relationship.” Brianna agreed, saying “The artists are passionate, and art is a big thing at Brooklyn Day Hab. It fulfills me as a teaching artist and a lot of them don’t often get this opportunity.