Chad DeRoche

Chad DeRoche

Chad DeRoche was born in Grenada in 1982.  He moved to New York City as a young boy and began pursuing art in grade school, with the encouragement of his art teacher.  As a founding member of the Arte Moose Collective in 2006, Chad’s style is easily recognizable. Chad’s intricate line drawings have expanded their maze-like complexity and have become more spontaneous.

Chad’s two-dimensional work has evolved and changed considerably over the past five years, as a result of his diminishing eyesight.   As his vision faded, Chad began to explore media with more tactile and sculptural elements.

In the piece, Roller Coaster House, Chad imagines a futuristic home, constructed from recyclable materials.  With attention to detail, Chad created the smallest parts of the sculpture by hand, including pieces of furniture in one of the houses, or a Styrofoam tree, decorating the landscape.

Adorning the apex of the cardboard roller coaster, Chad has included an origami mini-sculpture, made from discarded NYC MTA Metro Cards, a hallmark companion for any urban traveler. As an artist, Chad is constantly exploring new methods of creating his work, often experimenting through smaller works, then expanding to larger projects using the same creative technique.

Chad often draws artistic inspiration from the world around him, commonly using his talents to highlight social injustices.  Through his quilted piece, Sleeping Bag,  Chad makes statements about the plight of poverty.  He was inspired to create the piece after witnessing a homeless man on Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue.

By sewing and constructing re-purposed textiles, Chad calls attention to an injustice he cannot ignore.  His installation piece, Welcome Home From Your Journey, was built as a haven for anyone passing by. The tent structure is formed from a patchwork of abstract images of New York City, which Chad considers his source of shelter.

Chad and his work were recently featured in the AHRC New York City film, Amazing Lives.  In the film, he discusses the motivations for his work.

Selected Exhibitions – Chad DeRoche

Politico – Arts Unbound – Orange, NJ * scheduled for October 2016

Arte Moose Group ShowNURTUREart – Brooklyn, NY
Location, LocationArts Unbound – Orange, NJ

Summer Group ShowAlbee Square Farmers’ Market – Brooklyn, NY
Summer Group ShowArts Unbound – Orange, NJ
AHRC Group ShowWard-Nasse Gallery – New York, NY
Thrive Network Group Show The Shops at The Loom – Brooklyn, NY

Downtown Electric Presents…Trans Pecos – Queens, NY
Summer Group ShowAlbee Square Farmers’ Market – Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Day Habilitation Group ShowCorkscrew Wines – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowFive Myles Gallery – Brooklyn, NY

Arte Moose  – Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY
Pratt ADE Group Show – Front Street Galleries – Brooklyn, NY

2012 & Earlier
AHRC New York City Group ShowPratt Institute – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowKingsborough Community College – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowPace University – New York, NY

Portfolio – Chad DeRoche

Videos – Chad DeRoche

Amazing Lives

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Speaking Up for What Matters


Today, more than ever before, people with disabilities are speaking for themselves and making choices to affect the direction of their own lives. They are increasingly empowered to get involved in their communities to act as agents of social change.

We are pleased to highlight the efforts of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities as they speak up for themselves, define their own life goals, and engage with their communities. AHRC New York City aims to prepare people with disabilities for a lifetime of choices they will encounter as they grow old, and to empower them to express their thoughts and ideas, whether they be creative, political, or personal.

In this video, we introduce Chad, Danielle, and Paul. Each of them is using his or her own voice to make the most of their lives. You will witness their efforts to speak out about the issues that matter most to them.