Fernando Cruz

Fernando Cruz

I have been doing art for a while, but I have been focusing on art much more in the past year,” says artist, Fernando Cruz.  “I draw and paint, make jewelry, and work with wood to make structures.  For me, art is relaxing.”

Fernando has experimented with creating a series, using different media, including materials glued and painted onto canvas, and also charcoal and pastels. “I’ve made a couple of works about bones, says Fernando. The Bones series was inspired by Fernando’s viewing of a group show held at the MoCADA Museum.

Fernando’s most recent work, Mexico, made from a piece of peg board that was left over from a sculpture made by his fellow Arte Moose Collective member Chad DeRoche.   Fernando had the idea for this piece after a visit to New York City’s MoMA, where he viewed some works by artist, Jackson Pollock.

Using cut paper, crayon, and splattered paint, Fernando celebrates his national heritage.  “My family is from Mexico,” says Fernando.  “I have visited, and I liked it, especially the food.” Fernando has also created an animated video, which shows his interest in the diversity of places in the world.

Selected Exhibitions – Fernando Cruz

Politico – Arts Unbound – Orange, NJ * scheduled for October 2016

Arte Moose Group ShowNURTUREart – Brooklyn, NY

Summer Group ShowAlbee Square Farmers’ Market – Brooklyn, NY
Summer Group ShowArts Unbound – Orange, NJ
AHRC Group ShowWard-Nasse Gallery – New York, NY

Summer Group ShowAlbee Square Farmers’ Market – Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Day Habilitation Group ShowCorkscrew Wines – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowFive Myles Gallery – Brooklyn, NY

2012 & Earlier
AHRC New York City Group ShowPratt Institute – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowKingsborough Community College – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowPace University – New York, NY

Portfolio – Fernando Cruz

Video – Fernando Cruz

Fernando has exhibited his animation work at Brooklyn’s FiveMyles Gallery. “In the future, I hope to draw more, work with clay, and make collages,” says Fernando.