Gifford Moy

Gifford Moy Portrait

In addition to being a multimedia artist, Gifford Moy is Arte Moose Collective‘s Studio Manager, helping his fellow artists by organizing art materials, and making sure their desired media are at hand.  He aspires to study interior design, and his careful attention to detail greatly adds to the working environment of the collective.

Gifford divides his creativity among his many interests.  Many of his sculptural works are largely influenced by the realms of touch and taste.  He celebrates the foods he enjoys, using materials to represent their shapes, colors, and textures.

Gifford’s piece, One of a Kind, is a three-dimensional sculpture made from assorted tapes and origami paper.  Through his meticulous construction, Gifford creates a colorful grid, which is unique when viewed from either of its sides.

Gifford’s uses his artwork to tell stories.  For his animated video, First Honeymoon, Gifford created a story about a newly-married couple, who travel together.  “They are movie stars, with stylish fashions,” says Gifford.  “They ride in the Honeymoon Special Car.” Gifford used clay, textiles, cardboard and paint to create the elements featured in the video.

Selected Exhibitions – Gifford Moy

Politico – Arts Unbound – Orange, NJ * scheduled for October 2016

Arte Moose Group ShowNURTUREart – Brooklyn, NY
Location, Location – Arts Unbound – Brooklyn, NY

Summer Group ShowAlbee Square Farmers’ Market – Brooklyn, NY
Summer Group ShowArts Unbound – Orange, NJ
AHRC Group ShowWard-Nasse Gallery – New York, NY

Summer Group ShowAlbee Square Farmers’ Market – Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Day Habilitation Group ShowCorkscrew Wines – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowFive Myles Gallery – Brooklyn, NY

ArteMoose – Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY

2012 & Earlier
AHRC New York City Group ShowPratt Institute – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowKingsborough Community College – Brooklyn, NY
AHRC New York City Group ShowPace University – New York, NY

Portfolio – Gifford Moy

Video – Gifford Moy